Membership Structure and Leadership
The Community Alliance of Citrus County has two levels of participation which include a Membership group, and an Executive Board. The Membership meets monthly to share information, discuss community projects, and bring together resources for the betterment of the county. The CEO Roundtable provides Executive level leadership and helps to oversee the operations and objectives of the Alliance.

The membership of the Alliance is led by both the Faciltator and Current Chair for the members.  

Renea Teaster, Facilitator
The Facilitator is responsible for the daily operations of the Community Alliance including general communications, business, and organizational structure.  The Facilitator acts as a liasion between the Membership and Executive Board, and reports to the Executive Board. Renea has served as the Facilitator for the Alliance since January 2013 as a Contractor, and is also the Executive Director for the Anti-Drug Coalition of Citrus County, Inc.   

Cara Meeks, Membership Chair

The Membership Chair serves by leading the monthly member meetings, attending the Executive Board meetings to represent the Membership group, and assisting the Facilitator with other duties. Cara Meeks has served as the Membership Chair since January of 2013, will finish her current term in December 2016.  She is a Community Relations Specialist for Staywell/Wellcare for multiple counties.  

Melissa Bowermaster, Vice Chair 
The Vice-Chair serves by assisting the Chair and Facilitator, and attending the Executive Board Membership group to also represent the Membership Group.  Melissa has served as the Vice-Chair since July of 2013, and will finish her current term in June 2017. She is the Executive Director of Jessie's Place, the Child Advocacy Center for Citrus County.

Sunshine Arnold, Membership Chair-Elect
Sunshine Arnold is the CEO for Citrus Abuse Shelter Association, and is the incoming Chair beginning January 2017.    
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