Recently, the Community Alliance of Citrus County held an Appreciation Breakfast for their members which took place on Friday, January 10th.  The event was held at the Salvation Army in Lecanto with over seventy-five participating. The event centered on thanking our members for their efforts in 2013 that work in occupations across the county in the health and human services fields. 

The breakfast came to be through a discussion that originated in an Alliance meeting.  “We were all reminded that through our occupations in the health and human services fields the people we provide assistance to are looking for compassion, a friendly face, and a helping hand,” says Membership Chair Cara Meeks. “Because so many of these individuals are on the frontlines working with families and children who are in crisis situations, they give of themselves tirelessly, often with little thanks.”

Recognizing the need to show appreciation to its members, Alliance Facilitator Renea Teaster, along with Meeks, engaged their leadership board the CEO Roundtable, for ideas.  The Roundtable then enacted a plan to have the Appreciation Breakfast where they would serve the meal to the membership.  Many of the Roundtable members were on hand to greet members, including Circuit Judge Patricia V. Thomas, Executive Chair for the CEO Roundtable.   “You make Citrus County a great place to live,” stated Thomas, in her opening remarks to attendees. “Your hard work and giving does not go unnoticed, and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for consistently working in our community to help meet the needs of families and children.”

Following the meal, members were inspired by fellow colleagues Cara Meeks of Devereux Kids, and Anne Black of HPH Hospice who spoke encouraging words regarding “WHY I DO WHAT I DO,” which served to spur attendees on in 2014, and also remind them of their role in our county.  Some of the most compelling words came from George Schmalstig, President of Filter Youth Development, a local non-profit for at-risk youth.  “It is not about you, or how important you are in your job,” relayed George to the group.  “It is about making such a difference in someone’s life that YOU become important to THEM.  My commitment for this year is that I want to be more important to more people.” 

The Community Alliance would like to express their appreciation to those who made the breakfast possible.   Event sponsors and contributors include Spires Contracting, Wal-Mart, Cattledog Coffee Roasters, and Sign-Express.   “To Captains Phillip and Lynn Irish at the Salvation Army, we cannot say enough thanks to them and their entire staff for their hospitality,” says Renea Teaster.  “We would also like to say a special thanks to our partners, Tom Chancey of the Community Food Bank of Citrus County, and Alan Ingram, of Gruff’s Elite Banquets & Catering, for donating their time and talents in the planning and preparation for the event which turned out to be very successful.”

Thank You to our Partners, Sponsors,
& Contributors:

Community Food Bank of Citrus County

Cattledog Coffee Roasters

Gruff's Elite Banquets and Catering
Spires Contracting

Salvation Army Corps



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